Action Butterfly

The Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History and the nature conservation syndicate SICONA are collecting data on the occurrence and distribution of some butterflies that are easily recognized. We chose ten species that are still quite common, but whose numbers are going down.

In order to get as much data as possible, we invite you to tell us where and when you saw one of these butterflies. The informations that you provide will help us in our understanding of why these species become rare and how we can act to preserve them.

With the Action Butterfly we also want to make people aware that butterflies are threatened.

The flyer will help you to identify the 10 species in question.
A printed version is available for you in the biodiversity center of SICONA in Olm or in the store of the 'natur musée' in Luxembourg city.

Pictures of the butterflies as well as their caterpillars can be seen on iNaturalist.LU in the guide Aktioun Päiperlek as well as further exciting information about these species.

To learn more about the distribution of these butterfly species, this action was launched where everyone can enter their observations in Luxembourg via the iNaturalist App (iOS or Android), the iNaturalist.LU website or here in the data portal of the 'natur musée'. On iNaturalist.LU you can find up-to-date data on these 10 species in the Aktioun Päiperlek project. Data collection via iNaturalist is user-friendly, you may find tutorials on the YouTube channel of the 'natur musée'.

These are the butterflies we are looking for:

Click on any info icon to get more information on the species, use the + icon to record your observation.

If possible, document your observation with a photo. You can upload the photo with your record.

  • Issoria lathonia
    Queen of Spain fritillary
  • Polygonia c-album
  • Aglais urticae
    Small Tortoiseshell
  • Argynnis paphia
    Silver-washed Fritillary
  • Papilio machaon
  • Aglais io
  • Gonepteryx rhamni
  • Melanargia galathea
    Marbled White
  • Vanessa atalanta
    Red Admiral
  • Vanessa cardui (=Cynthia cardui)
    Painted Lady