Marbled White

Melanargia galathea


The Marbled White is unique with its chess-like patterns of white and black. Despite being white in its base colour, the Marbled White does not belong to the Pieridae family. Rather it is part of the browns or the satyrids, which can be recongized when looking at the eyspots on the underside of the wings.

Did you know?

As a characteristical species of flower-rich meadows, the Marbeld White is amongst those species that are becoming increasingly rare. It represents the fate of many similar species that are loosing their habitats due to intensive agriculture. They all need our help. Take part in the protection of butterflies!

Marbled White
Source: "Schmetterlinge entdecken, beobachten, bestimmen. Die 150 häufigsten tagaktiven Arten Mitteleuropas.“ Seggewiße & Wymann, Haupt Verlag.
Marbled White
Photo: Simone Schneider