Phoenicurus phoenicurus


Males are caracterized by a white forehead, black face, slate-grey upperparts and a red chest. Females and young are duller: grey-brown upperparts and yellow-brown underparts. Therefore they can be mistaken with black redstarts, which are however darker. All redstarts have reddish tail feathers. Redstarts are a little bit smaller than house sparrows.

Did you know?

Redstarts live in orchards, woodland and parkland. They build their nest in holes in trees or in fissures in walls. Nestboxes with a big entrance are also accepted. The eggs of the redstart are blue.  Redstarts have become rather rare in our country.  They spend their winter in Central Africa and can therefore be only observed from mid-April to the beginning of October in Luxemburg. Redstarts eat insects (flies, butterflies, beetles and spiders).

Fotos: Tom Conzemius