Oxeye daisy

Leucanthemum vulgare


To the contrary of the daisy, the oxeye daisy (or marguerite) has a leafed stem. One daisy flower is in fact composed of a large number of very tiny flowers assembled in a single flower head. On the inside, there are yellow tubular flowers, on the outside only about 20 white ligulate flowers. The leaves, sitting on the stem without a petiole have a crenelate or toothed margin.

Did you know?

Oxeye daisies often grow in groups in poor grasslands, in meadows and along roadsides. With their hard and woody stalks, they make a poor hay and by their massed appearance, they suppress other more suited plants; that is why farmers do not like them much. The oxeye daisy occurs around the world, but as its habitat shrinks with more intensive agricultural methods using fertilizers and earlier mowing times, it decreases.

Oxeye daisy
John van Breda