Green Woodpecker

Picus viridis


Green wings, red crown and big black spot around the eyes are distinctive for green woodpeckers. Moustaches are either red (males) ore black (females). Young green woodpeckers can be recognized on the dark spots on the breast and bright spots on the wings. Green woodpeckers are much bigger than great spotted woodpeckers. The call of the green woodpecker is very typical. Green and grey headed woodpeckers could perhaps been mistaken. But the grey headed woodpecker is smaller and only males have a small red spot on the head. Females have a grey head.

Recording: Marc Schweitzer


Did you know?

Green woodpeckers live in orchards with old trees, parkland and open-canopy woodland. This species is often seen on the ground hunting ants. Green woodpeckers can remember ant hills in their territories. When the soil is covered by snow, green woodpeckers are able to dig tunnels right to ant hills. Actually green woodpeckers can be observed in the whole country.

Green Woodpecker
Foto: Jean Schock