Egyptian goose

Alopochen aegyptiaca


The Egyptian Goose is about 70 cm long and weighs 2 kg. It has goose-like characteristics and is recognizable by the brown spot around her eye and her pinkish legs and feetpaws. It has a body with colors varying between gray, brown, red and yellowish. The secondary rectrices are green or purple metallic.

Did you know?

Originally, from Africa, the Luxembourgish population of the Egyptian goose probably originates from the Netherlands, where individuals in captivity escaped and voluntary introductions took place. Since then, the species has colonized several European countries and its population is growing continuously. The Egyptian goose is an invasive alien bird often present on meadows and near aquatic environments (lakes, rivers, ponds...). It is easily recognizable thanks to the stain around her eye.

Egyptian goose
Paul Hurel