Myocastor coypus


The coypu is a semi-aquatic rodent with an approximate weight of 7 kg and reaches on average a lenght of 50 cm without counting its cylindrical tail (25 -45 cm). It has a coarse, darkish brown fur, powerful incisors of orange color and vibrisses of white color. It has webbed feet with 5 fingers and has sharp claws.

Did you know?

The Coypu is a rodent native in South America and introduced in Europe for its fur. Several individuals were voluntarily released into the wild or escaped from captivity. Having an extremely high reproductive rate and being completely free of its usual predators (caimans, pumas,...), it has been able to proliferate in Europe. Only severe winters allow limiting its further dispersion. Like other invasive species, it implicates both ecological and health related risks.

Guillaume Koch CCA